Older ways – Billboards, Banners, Posters etc. have given way to newer technologies !

World is moving to a Digital Signage
What are your plans? Marketers Communicators

With the advent of technology Digital Signage is being increasingly used not just as an alternate but as a replacement to Traditional Signage. All types of organizations - Commercial, Educational, Social or even Political are using digital Signage for a variety of applications to communicate their messages to their audience.


Out Of Home Media Platform (OOHMP) - Patent Granted

At Multivirt, we have pioneered Digital Signage solutions using our PATENTED Out Of Home Media Platform (OOHMP) technology. Whatever may be your requirement of digital signage, we will have a solution that will be just right for you!

OOHMP Digital Signage (OOHMP DS) has been designed to cater specific requirements of content for education, infotainment as well as advertising purposes.

  • Its unique architecture consists of Digital Signage server on cloud with local controllers connected via any wireless networks like Wi-Fi, 2G, 3G, 4G, MPLS or LAN

  • It allows simultaneous display of videos, images, animations and  text on a single screen with complete flexibility of sizing of each window

  • Each content type will be centrally managed with options for obtaining detailed logs of played content. This is specially useful for advertisers for carrying out various types of analysis

  • OOHMP DS supports multiple widgets like clock, weather information, cricket score, news tickers etc. there by enhancing the number of eyeballs for any content

  • Unlike traditional DS solutions, OOHMP DS enables integration of content from LIVE TV channels as well direct feed from camera or any video streaming server

  • Content can be changed in near real time to number of screens irrespective of their locations. Even instant messages can be displayed across all screens

Choose from any of our pre-configured DS Controller

Or we also have a dedicated team of top-notch Engineers who can create a custom solution tailored for your exact needs within no time.


Standard (16 hours)


Standard (24 hours)


Standard Live TV


Premium Indoor


Premium Outdoor


Premium Tablet

!! Now Choose Any DISPLAY DEVICE of Any SIZE !!


Standard LCD screen tablets are ideal for quick deployment as DS screens. With in-built DS Controller functionality, tablets offer portable solution in a small and convenient form factor.

If fully charged, even AC power is not needed for displaying content on these devices.

TV Screens

LED TV's ranging from 22" to 55" or more are typical devices for displaying digital signage content. Consumer TV screens are used for low or medium requirement, however for heavy duty requirements commercial screens are used.

Each screen requires a DS controller to play the signage content.

Video Walls/LFD

These are large devices usually deployed at outdoor locations. The screens could be based on plasma, LCD or LED technologies. Matrix of screens are used for creating video wall.  Video wall comes with its own dedicated processor

Depending on content to be displayed one or more DS Controllers may be needed to play signage content on video wall.